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Get ahead of competitors
on social media

and make sure you know
how to gain customers' attention

Uncover competitors’ strategy

We won't lie - you'll never get access to your competitors' marketing strategy. What you can do, though, is understand what they are focused on, how they market their products and communicate on social media. Discover it with Sotrender.

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Sneak on competitors’ ad spend

Wonder no more how much other companies in your niche spend on advertising. See their CPC and CPM results, impression and click scores. Discover what campaign types they set. Access this strategic data and get one step ahead of them.

Tracking competitors is an ongoing process - get the most out of it, with no effort

No more confusion about your audience’s preferences

Are you still not sure which content is the most interesting to your target audience? You can learn a lot from analyzing competitors' content, users’ reactions and engagement - use this knowledge to improve your own content strategy.

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Serve your findings as a comprehensive report

Happy with what you’ve found in your research? Now you can easily deliver it to your boss, team or client by generating a summarizing report. You can forget about collecting data and combining them for hours. Save time and improve your work efficiency.

How can you successfully market your products without knowing how competitors market theirs?

Become a leader in your industry!

Easy to say, harder to achieve, especially without proper tools. See where you stand in the market not only by tracking competitors but also by monitoring industry trends. Get ahead of competitive brands by implementing the latest marketing solutions.

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Sotrender helps me to track competitors’ social media activities and benchmark the performance. It makes it much easier to assess how effective our profiles and current campaigns are against the broad market and selected competitors’ profiles. What is particularly important is the constancy of the indicators, which makes it possible to compare activities in the long term.
Arkadiusz Dudkowski
Digital Marketing Manager, GRAAL S.A.