Meet the people who work every day for your success in social media.


  • Jan Zając

    Jan Zając, Ph. D., CEO

    Psychologist & economist, experienced consultant & researcher, who speaks 6 languages and has cycled around 17 countries.

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  • Dominik Batorski

    Dominik Batorski, Ph. D., Chief Scientist

    Sociologist, data scientist, senior researcher analyzing social networks since 2002, who led over 30 major research projects.

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HR & Administration

  • Aleksandra Frączkowska

    Aleksandra Frączkowska, Senior Finance & Rewards Specialist

    HR & payroll specialist. At Sotrender manages HR, finances and administration. Always on the go, traveled to 45 countries and learning the 6th language. Mum of the best dog in the world.

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  • Paweł Obiedziński

    Paweł Obiedziński, Head of Revenue

    Growing Internet businesses for 10 years, and still each deal brings satisfaction. Passionate about deep-sea sailing expeditions and hiking in the mountains outside of work.

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  • Dominika Rębelska

    Dominika Rębelska, Sales Specialist

    At Sotrender, cares about good relations with new clients, mainly deals with sales on the Polish market. After hours, chooses far away travel destinations.

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  • Anna Maria Kaczmarczyk

    Anna Maria Kaczmarczyk, Sales Specialist

    Engineer with a passion for technology and data analysis. With almost 5 years of sales experience looking for ways to make life easier, understand people and their needs.

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  • Kamila Stachura

    Kamila Stachura, Data Analyst

    Kamila graduated from Warsaw School of Economics. She's most interested in text mining and data visualisation. In her free time, she travels and plays board games.

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  • Maciej Baranowski

    Maciej Baranowski, Data Analyst

    Data Analyst, analyzing social media for many years. He's responsible for exploration and analyzing data in Sotrender. In his free time, he runs. A lot. Given the chance, he'd run even more

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  • Urszula Baranowska

    Urszula Baranowska, Junior Data Analyst

    Psychology student at SWPS University interested in data analysis.

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  • Klaudia Żyłka

    Klaudia Żyłka, Marketing Specialist

    Huge fan of Instagram with almost 5 years of experience in marketing. Gained experience in IT and education sectors. Improving her marketing skills every day. Mother of a Jack Russell Terrier.

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  • Iva Djukic

    Iva Djukic, Junior Marketing Specialist

    Psychologist and marketer developing skills in copywriting and SEO. High key interested in analytics and AI.

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Customer Success

  • Michał Kacprzak

    Michał Kacprzak, Customer Success Specialist

    Responsible for customer care, cross-selling, training and GDPR policy. Traveller, record collector, amateur cook, PC gamer, movie fan and owner of two crazy cats.

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  • Magalena Świątek

    Magdalena Świątek, Customer Success Specialist

    At Sotrender, Magda deals with building positive customer experience, product training and creating personalized offers. Travel, gym and interior design lover. Plant mama.

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  • Paweł Rzymkiewicz

    Paweł Rzymkiewicz, Head of Technology

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  • Rafał Biłyj

    Rafał Biłyj, Chief Architect

    Self-taught programmer from the age of 8, computer-freak, interested in everything that is related to computers. In his free time, charity volunteer, video game maniac and parrot enthusiast, has two cockatiels at home.

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  • Jarosław Nowicki

    Jarosław Nowicki, Software Engineer | Web Team Leader

    Developer for many years, with passion and education. In Sotrender, he takes care of developers and is responsible for services from the code side. After hours, physically active incl. running.

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  • Wojciech Staszczyk

    Wojciech Staszczyk, Senior Product Designer | Product Team Leader

    Product Designer who pays great attention to the right design process, experimental approach to product development and team culture. In his spare time he’s wondering how to define UX.

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  • Marek Młodożeniec

    Marek Młodożeniec, Product Analyst

    Researcher and data analyst with 15-year experience. In Sotrender he is responsible for web analytics, contributing to product development.

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  • Paula Wojtysiak

    Paula Wojtysiak, Product Manager

    Product victim with 4 years of experience in marketing. Passionate about design and good beats.

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  • Aleksandra Wancisiewicz

    Aleksandra Wancisiewicz, Junior Product Designer

    Responsible for design process in product development. Interested in Interaction, UI and Visual Design. Apart from that: meme dealer and big fan of electronic music - from 80s’ synthpop to industrial techno.

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  • Magdalena Borawska

    Magdalena Borawska, Software Engineer

    Python developer. Former IoT engineer. Nowadays, cloud engineer at Sotrender. After hours: rock climber and a homegrown tailor.

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  • Kamil Romaszko

    Kamil Romaszko, Senior Software Engineer

    In addition to being a developer, he also works as a Scrum Master. At Sotrender, he works with cloud computing solutions on a daily basis (and is a big fan of those).

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  • Marzena Lusawa

    Marzena Lusawa, Junior Software Engineer

    Backend developer, who has been trying her hand at frontend for a year. She likes walking in the mountains, sailing, and reading books.

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  • Ewa Walczak

    Ewa Walczak, Software Engineer

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  • Karol Karczewski, Software Engineer

    Programmer and a fan of JavaScript. Likes bad movies, motorcycles and swimming.

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  • Mateusz Razumnik, Software Engineer

    Engineer. Besides building reliable Big Data solutions, he is working on his PHD thesis in image analysis utilising UAV. After hours he is a scuba diver.

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  • Wojciech Żurakowski, Senior System Administrator


  • Rafał Wojdan

    Rafał Wojdan, Machine Learning Team Lead

    In Sotrender it's easier to list what he doesn't do than he does. In a word, the Renaissance man. He trains tennis and plays matches in the league in his free time.

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  • Lidia Kołakowska

    Lidia Kołakowska, Data Scientist

    Lover of Latin American culture and expert in cuisine with a low glycemic index. In everyday work, she turns data into actionable insights and data-driven decisions.

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  • Dominika Sagan

    Dominika Sagan, Data Scientist

    At Sotrender, she is involved in all stages of NLP modeling - from data analysis, creating baseline models, to their development and quality improvement. Fan of K-dramas and amateur ornithologist.

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  • Maciej Pieńkosz

    Maciej Pieńkosz, Machine Learning Engineer

    In Sotrender he is responsible for building and deploying machine learning models. Over 5 years of professional experience. A boxing and ice hockey fan.

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  • Tomasz Bocheński

    Tomasz Bocheński, Machine Learning Engineer

    Machine learning engineer with over 4 years of experience in the IT industry. Specializes in computer vision. Rock music fan and amateur astrophysicist.

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  • Mikołaj Małkiński

    Mikołaj Małkiński, Machine Learning Engineer

    Engineer who focuses on development and deployment of ML models. Devoted fan of PyTorch and ukulele.

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